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Tama County Public Health and Home Care

Tama County Public Health Advisory Board

Richard Vander Mey, Chairman

Sheryl Goos, Vice-Chairman

Heidi Ernst, Member

Dr. Lureta Kahler, Member

Bruce McEltree, Member

Dr. Polly Hineman, Member

Pam Kacer, Member

The Tama County Advisory Board to the Board of Health was formed and convened for the first time in 1967.

Advisory Board members meet four times a year to advise the Board of Health on professional issues, participate in the evaluation of Agency programs, assist the Agency in maintaining liaison with other health-care providers, assist with public relations for the Public Health Nursing Program within the community and advise the Board of Health regarding Public Health nursing activities.

This Board, essentially, acts as the 'work horse' for the Board of Health, providing recommendations regarding the scope of services, admissions and discharges, medical supervision, plan of care, emergency care, clinical records, personnel qualifications, program evaluation and finance.

Current members of the Advisory Board include Richard Vander Mey, Attorney, Chairman, serving since 1996; Sheryl Goos RN BSN, serving since 1987, Dr. Lureta Kahler, Chiropractor, serving since 2005; Bruce McEltree serving since 2007; Pam Kacer, serving since 2007; Heidi Ernst, PT, serving since 2013 and Dr. Polly Hineman, serving since 2015.


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