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Tama County Case Management
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Tama County Case Management
211 W. State St.
Toledo, IA 52342
Telephone (641) 484-4191
Fax (641) 484-8636

Office Hours 8:00-4:30 Mon-Fri

To enable Tama County residents who are disabled to achieve a quality of life they desire by identifying consumer goals through a person centered approach and coordinating services and supports to help meet their goals.

All individuals participate and contribute while enhancing quality of life in Tama County.

General Description :
Case Managers coordinate the intake and eligibility process; facilitate the development of the Individual Comprehensive Plan; assists the consumer in obtaining services; monitors services in relation to the appropriateness; crisis intervention, mediates conflicts related to consumer services; maintains master consumer records, correspondence and all other required consumer data and advocates for consumers.

Who is eligible? :
Individuals with a diagnosis of Intellectual Disability, Chronic Mental Illness and  Developmentally Disabled are eligible for services through Tama County. Individuals with a diagnosis of ID/CMI/DD and who have Title XIX maybe eligible for Title XIX case management. Individuals must WANT and request case management services and must exhibit a need for services. Individuals also have responsibility in working toward their goals as defined in the ICP.

Eligibility Criteria:
Persons applying for or receiving case management services shall meet the following eligibility criteria:

1. The individual is age 18 or over and primary diagnosis of mental retardation or developmental disability.

2. The individual is receiving Medicaid benefits Title XIX.

3.If the individual is under the age of 18, and receiving services through the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) ID Waiver,
Chronic Mental Illness (CMI) Waiver or the HCBS BI (Brain Injury) Waiver.

Guiding Principles:
a. The Targeted Case Management Process focuses on the individual using service's strengths, interests, abilities, and competencies.

b. The targeted case management process takes place in the community.

c. The client is viewed as the director of the Targeted Case Management process.

d. The relationship between the client and case manager is primary and essential.

e. Targeted Case Management is based upon effective communication in providing information to the individual, their family and those providing services.

f. Targeted Case Management provides for the individual's maximum participation in the decision making process.

g. Targeted Case Management involves the individual, families, guardians and other professionals/agencies in identifying, developing, implementing and monitoring comprehensive plans.

h. The community is viewed as a resource, not as an obstacle.

i. Targeted Case Management facilitates access to available public and private resources.

Tama County Social Services Coordinator of Disability Services
Tami Frakes
(641)484-4191 ext. #5
Email: tfrakes@tamacounty.org

Tama County Case Managers
Jammie Riffey
641-484-4191 ext. #3
Email : jriffey@tamacounty.org

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