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Electrical Service in Camp Areas- Important Notice

The electrical service present at each pedestal at this campground consists of:

    1. North loop camp area only- One 50 amp, 125 volt receptacle with a one pole 50 amp breaker (plus #3-#6 below)

    2. One 30 amp, 125 volt receptacle (Round RV)
    3. One duplex 20 amp, 125 volt receptacle
    4. One 1 pole, 30 amp circuit breaker
    5. One, 1 pole 20 amp circuit breaker.


1. Report any electrical service outlet that is not working properly to the on-duty ranger.

2. DO NOT remove any covers NOR try to repair electrical panels.

3. LINE VOLTAGE As each RV arrives and plugs in, the line voltage of the park electrical system may begin to drop, especially in hot weather, when air conditioners are running. If the voltage drops below about 105 VAC, your AC appliances could be damaged. It is the camper’s responsibility to monitor changes in electrical voltage and take precautions to protect your RV’s components.

4. It is the camper’s responsibility to check any of the campground’s outlets for proper polarity BEFORE plugging in their camping unit.

5. Circuit Breakers When the circuit breaker “trips” flip the breaker to off and then back to on to reset. It may also be a good idea to turn off items that may have been running at time the breaker “tripped” before re-setting the breaker.

6. GFCI outlets or breakers. Some of the 20 amp outlets and 30 amp breakers have GFCI (Ground fault Circuit Interrupters). If these trip you will need to push a re-set button before it can be utilized.

7. Please park your camping unit so that two camping units can access the pedestal.

8. Park Properly In the electric camp section all approved electric camping units must be parked with the outlet side of the electric pedestal facing the camping unit. (IMPORTANT: If any part of your camping unit or motor vehicle extends behind the electric pedestal you are parked incorrectly.)