About the Food Inspection Program

What is the Food Establishment Program?

The Food Establishment Licensing and Enforcement Program:

       Issues licenses for restaurants, taverns, grocery stores, convenience stores,

temporary stands and mobile units

       Conducts routine, unannounced inspections

       Provides training for food service personnel

       Approves plans for remodeling and new establishments

       Investigates complaints about facilities

       Inspects new establishments prior to opening

Why are Food Establishments inspected?

Food Establishments are inspected in order to protect public health and to provide consumers with food that is safe. Inspections are done based on the criteria found in the 1997 FDA Model Food Code.

How often are Food Establishments inspected?

A regular inspection of Food Establishments occurs one to three times per year. The number of times a Food Establishment is inspected during a year is based on risk criteria. The items that determine the level of risk at a Food Establishment are volume of food served, amount of hands-on contact, the extent of the menu and previous inspections. All restaurants will be inspected at least once a year with the majority inspected twice a year.

If you have questions or need more information contact

Tama County Public Health & Home Care at 641-484-4788.