Tama County Empowerment Area includes the


  The Tama County Healthy Families Program offers a wide range of services to families with children from birth to age five.  This program helps parents create a safe and healthy home and helps them work toward economic and social self-sufficiency.  Parents also learn how to help their children build social, emotional, intellectual and physical skills through the following services:

  • Family Development Services
  • Health Services
  • Nutrition Education
  • Quality  Child Care
  • Child Development Services
      The Tama County Healthy Family Program is available to families who live in Tama County and are pregnant or have a child 0 to 5 years of age.  ALL residents of Tama County are eligible regardless of income.
      Primary Agencies providing services:


      • Mid-Iowa Community Action – (641) 484-4713
      • Tama County Public Health & Home Care – (641) 484-4788
      • Tama County  Extension Service – (641) 484-2703
      • Meskwaki Healthy Start – (641) 484-6442
      • Area Education Agency (AEA 267) – (641) 484-4181