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Tama County Empowerment Board Meeting

Tuesday, March 26, 2008 – 12:00 noon

ISU Extension Meeting Room


Voting Members Present:                                         

Richard Arp, North Tama School District                    Earlene Bacon, Citizen

Larry Vest, Board of Supervisors/Citizen                    Mandy Lekin, Consumer/Citizen                    

Joyce Legg, Tama County Public Health                                 Angie Knowles, STC School District/Citizen

Rick Vesely, Clergy/Citizen                                         Darla Thiessen, Kid’s Corner                                      


Others Present:         

Cindy Skopec, AEA 267                                             Teresa McCall, JPT Decat

Lori Johnson, Empowerment Coordinator                   Royce Hickie, Mid-Iowa Community Action

Jana Enfield, Child Abuse Prevention                         Frank Albertsen, ISU Extension          

Rachel Porath, Mid-Iowa Community Action             



Apologies:       Michelle Gethmann       Marisue Hartung        Angela Dreesman        Lindi  Roelofse                       

Deb Schlichting                       Jerri Leighton               Jill Herink                    Laura Kopsa   

Linda Rosenberger       Annette Dunn              Rudy Papakee              Jenn Stover     



Larry Vest, Chair, called meeting to order at 12:00 p.m. 


Minutes of Previous Meeting –Empowerment Board meeting minutes for January 27, 2009 were reviewed with corrections noted.   Rick Vesely made a motion to approve the minutes with noted corrections.  Mandy Lekin seconded the motion.  Motion passed.


Financial Report – Ms. Johnson disbursed financial report handouts. We should be at 33% of the budget left.  Rick Vesely made a motion to approve the financial report as presented.  Richard Arp seconded the motion.  Motion passed.


Public Input – none noted.


Provider ReportsChild Consultant –Copies of the schedule of training sessions that they will be providing, their summary report of program activities to date, and status of current child care providers and their level of QRS were shared. 


Nurse Consultant – Handouts were shared showing services provided in January 2009. 


Stork’s Nest, Public Health Home Visitation, etc. – Ms. Legg shared that Stork’s Nest is going very well.  They currently have 30 pregnant women/mom’s participating.  Their new site is two times the size of the ISU Meeting Room space. Visits have been slow for the months of February and March.  Interpreter continues to be needed when making home visits.  They currently have a grant in conjunction with Marshall County for lead remediation for homes.  The grant covers siding, windows, and exterior assistance.  Five to 10 homes will be assisted in Tama County, with approximate cost of $12,000 per each home.  Health Care Coordination has increased. 


Coordinator – Ms. Johnson updated the Board regarding information received at the Quarterly Coordinators Meeting.


Care for Kids –Jana Enfield shared they have provided presentations to North Tama, South Tama, Kids Corner, Pied Pieper, and Meskwaki Settlement School.  868 children and 102 adults attended 128 presentations.


 Infant Toddler Specialist, Dental Hygienist, and Transportation –Royce Hickie shared that they had provided 25 visits in January and 36 visits in February.  Staff members had attended an I am moving; I am Learning training, which focuses on childhood obesity. They have a new mental health consultant for their early childhood programs.  More families have been approved for LIHEAP, MICA’s energy assistance program. 


Family Nutrition Specialist –Frank reported that Cheryl had been sick, but is back to work now.


Respite Scholarships – Five to 10 children have utilized these scholarships at Kid’s Corner.


Tobacco Funds – Mr. Papakee has been working on the grant RFP and will be submitting this to the state.  He has been working on “What Will it Take”, to get you to quit campaign. Has had a table at the Juvenile Home and hopes to go to the high school at North Tama.  


An update was given regarding Substance Abuse Coalition efforts regarding booth at the high school and a “Huffing” presentation at the Tama Civic Center. 


Old Business – Pending Conflicts of Interest Statements were signed.


Funding Sub-committee Recommendations – Earlene Bacon made a motion to approve the Funding Sub-committee’s recommendation.  Rick Vesely seconded the motion.  Discussion was held.  Motion passed.


Ms. Knowles shared concerns regarding preschool funding.  STC will be applying for the Preschool funding available through the Department of Education.  Richard Arp shared that North Tama will also be applying for this funding.

New Business – none noted.


Updates from the State – The following items were shared:

o   Strengthening Families Resource Guide

o   2008 State Annual Report

o   Tool G (B) – handout with Tool links

Correspondence – The following information was shared:

·         Thank you card from Marlene Crabtree

·         Prevent Child Abuse Conference information

·         Together for Prevention News Letter

·         E-mail from Shanell Wagner – dated February 13th – regarding questions that the Appropriations Sub-committee had requested

·         IA PITC Training Brochure

·         CCR & R Newsletter


Adjournment – Richard Arp made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Joyce Legg seconded the motion.  Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,   




Lori Johnson, Tama County Empowerment Coordinator


Reminder:  Next meeting will be May 26th at Traer City Council Chambers at 12:00 Noon