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Tama County Empowerment Board Meeting

Tuesday, January 27, 2008 – 12:00 noon

ISU Extension Meeting Room


Voting Members Present:                                         

Richard Arp, North Tama School District                    Earlene Bacon, Citizen

Larry Vest, Board of Supervisors/Citizen                    Mandy Lekin, Consumer/Citizen                    

Linda Rosenberger, Tama County Public Health                     Angie Knowles, STC School District/Citizen

Rick Vesely, Clergy/Citizen                                         Jill Herink, Meskwaki Settlement School/ Education

Darla Thiessen, Kid’s Corner                                       Annette Dunn, Department of Human Services


Others Present:         

Helen McKay, Mid-Iowa Community Action              Lori Johnson, Empowerment Coordinator

Rudy Papakee, Tobacco Coordinator                          Royce Hickie, Mid-Iowa Community Action

Jana Enfield, Child Abuse Prevention                         Jenn Stover, Venture Lanes

Pat Shank, Mid-Iowa Community Action                    Laura Kopsa, Tama County Auditor   

Rachel Porath, Mid-Iowa Community Action             



Apologies:       Michelle Gethmann       Marisue Hartung     DawnaHeil                      Angela Dreesman                                            Lindi  Roelofse                        Deb Schlichting                 Jerri Leighton         Joyce Legg                  

Cindy Skopec              Frank Albertsen



Larry Vest, Chair, called meeting to order at 12:00 p.m. 


The following items were added to the agenda, under New Business:


Introductions – were made.


Minutes of Previous Meeting –Empowerment Board meeting minutes for September 2, 2008 were reviewed.   Rick Vesely made a motion to approve the minutes as presented.  Richard Arp seconded the motion.  Motion passed.


Financial Report – Ms. Johnson disbursed the financial report. We should be at 42% of the budget left and we are at 59%.  Rick Vesely  made a motion to approve the financial report as presented.  Mandy Lekin seconded the motion.  Motion passed.


Public Input – none noted.


Provider Reports – Child Consultant – no report given. 


Nurse Consultant – Handouts were shared showing services provided the 1st and 2nd quarter.  Helen McKay shared that during the holiday season, is usually a little slow, with the providers schedules.


Stork’s Nest, Public Health Home Visitation, etc. – Ms. Rosenberger shared that Stork’s Nest has moved to the old STC Intermediate building.  Volunteers have painted the room in preparation for the move.  They are holding classes two times a month with one being in English and the other in Spanish. 


Coordinator – Ms. Johnson shared copies/information regarding: Tool P (Budget Amendment Form); Training Dates for the year; Annual Report Format Changes; Encumbered/Obligated Funds Policy; New Expenditure Report information utilizing a survey monkey to collect the mid-year information; NGA – Early Childhood Priority handout was shared and update provided.  Preschool scholarship funding has all been allocated and there is a waiting list. Open Meetings Checklist handout was disbursed. Ms Johnson shared information regarding immunization requirements changing.  An updated Tool H was disbursed.


Care for Kids –1st & 2nd Quarter Reports were disbursed. Jana Enfield shared they have provided presentations to 150 children; their goal was 120.  They are not able to access the Gladbrook Reinbeck school district.  Their schedule is full.


 Infant Toddler Specialist, Dental Hygienist, and Transportation – Quarterly handout was shared. Ms. Arends is on Maternity leave.  Pat Shank announced that she will only be working in the Marshalltown office, and introduced Rachael Porath as the new Family Development Specialist for Tama County.  Ms. Johnson shared that they had provided transportation services to 22 children last fiscal year.  They provided 84 fluoride varnish and 98 dental screenings the 1st quarter; 123 fluoride varnishes and 157 dental screenings the 2nd quarter.  Child Health programming information was disbursed.


Family Nutrition Specialist –no report given.


Respite Scholarships – no report given.


Tobacco Funds – Mr. Papakee updated the Board regarding table at the high school and upcoming events.


Old Business – Pending Conflicts of Interest Statements were signed.

New Business – Respite Care Guidelines - Ms. Johnson provided copies of the Respite Care Guidelines for Board review.

Annual Report Review – Ms. Johnson disbursed copies of the Annual Report Review.  Richard Arp and Annette Dunn shared comments regarding the telephone review.

Funding Sub-committee Recommendations – tabled until next meeting, due to schedule conflicts.


Funding Sub-committee member – Jenn Stover volunteered to serve on this sub-committee taking Pat Shank’s place.


New Business Board Member, Jenn Stover, Venture Lanes, Business Representative – Jenn was introduced.  Greg Tingley, from Pioneer, was the previous Business Representative.  Jill Herink recommended recommending to the Board of Supervisors to appoint Jenn Stover as the Empowerment Business Representative.  Annette Dunn seconded the motion.  Motion passed.


March Meeting Date – Ms. Johnson has a training conflict on the 24th and asked if the meeting could be moved to the 26th.  The Board approved this date change.


Meeting Dates – Tuesday or Thursday? – Ms. Johnson stated that they had changed the meeting date to Tuesday to accommodate Board members that no longer attend, and for some current members Tuesdays are a conflict.  It was felt that they would like to keep the Empowerment meeting date the same as the other community meetings (SKIP, Tobacco Coalition).


Updates from the State – previously reviewed during Coordinator update.

Correspondence – The following information was shared:

·         E-mail from Shanell Wagler dated 12/18/08 stating they will be implementing a 1.5% reduction of the School Ready Funding, in response to the across the board cuts by Governor Culver.

·         E-mail dated 1/14/09 – Tama County will be cut $4,557.76 with a contract amendment being sent out next week.

·         Childhood Iowa Congress – will be held February 10th – 12th – handout available

·         Handouts available for review:

o   The Science of Early Childhood Development – Power Point Presentation

o   December 2008 Iowa Community Empowerment Newsletter

o   Together for Prevention Newsletter

o   Child Care Resource & Referral Newsletter

o   Getting School Ready in Iowa – Early Childhood Iowa

·         Card’s from Just Kiddin’ Around Daycare, Meskwaki Settlement School and Verona Suchanek were read and shared. 


Adjournment – Annette Dunn made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Richard Arp seconded the motion.  Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,   




Lori Johnson, Tama County Empowerment Coordinator


Reminder:  Next meeting will be March 26th at ISU Extension at 12:00 Noon