Board of Supervisors Minutes
September 14, 2020

The Board canvassed the East Marshall School District Special Election help on September 7th. 

The Tama County Board of Supervisors met at 9:30 a.m. September 14, 2020.  Present:  1st District Supervisor, Larry Vest; 2nd District Supervisor, Kendall Jordan and 3rd District Supervisor, Dan Anderson.

Motion by Vest, seconded by Jordan to approve the minutes of the September 8th regular meeting.   All voted aye.  Motion carried

The EMA and 911 Departments have been split and the payroll for the 911 Director and dispatch staff have been moved to the 911 budget.  The Supervisors fund the salaries for the dispatch which used to be paid out of the EMA budget.  Due to this change there is a need to discuss the funding that was budgeted for this.  The 911 Department recently passed a budget amendment to cover payroll and operating costs due to this change.  The Supervisors will now transfer their funding to the 911 budget for these costs as budgeted in the Supervisors budget. 

The Auditor discussed with the Board the Presidential Tax Deferral Order.  This can allow employees to defer their social security taxes thru December of 2020.  They would however, have to pay them January – April of 2021 at twice the rate.  The Auditor is recommending the Board not approve this deferralMotion by Vest, seconded by Jordan to participate in the presidential directive to defer the payment of employee social security tax.  All voted nay.  Motion failed. 

Motion by Jordan, seconded by Vest to approve the following resolution for COVID 19 reimbursement:
RESOLUTION # 9-14-2020
A resolution by Tama County to request reimbursement for eligible costs related to the COVID-19 public health emergency from the Iowa COVID-19 Government Relief Fund. 
WHEREAS, the United States Congress approved the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act to provide economic relief related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
WHEREAS, Governor Kim Reynolds allocated $125 million of the State of Iowa's CARES Act funding to local governments for direct expenses incurred in response to the COVID-19 emergency.
WHEREAS, local government funding reimbursements may only be used for necessary expenditures incurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic, were not accounted for in the current fiscal year county budget, were incurred during the time period of March 1, 2020 through December 30, 2020 and have not been reimbursed from other sources. 
NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, Tama County requests reimbursement of
$213,675.13 in eligible expenditures in response to the COVID-19 public health emergency. 
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, Tama County affirms that the above requests for reimbursement follow all formal published Federal and State of Iowa guidance on how the funds should be spent, and understand if the reimbursements are misrepresented, the local government will be liable for any applicable penalty and interest.
HEREBY RESOLVED but the Board of Supervisors for Tama County on this 14th day of September 2020. 
Roll call vote:  Vest, aye.  Jordan, aye.  Anderson, aye. Resolution passed and approved this 14th day of September, 2020.  Dan Anderson, Chairman, Board of Supervisors.  Laura Kopsa, Tama County Auditor.

Motion by Jordan, seconded by Vest to approve the claims for payment as presented.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.

Chairman Anderson adjourned the meeting at 9:55 a.m.