Board of Supervisors Minutes
November 9, 2020

The Tama County Board of Supervisors met at 9:30 a.m. November 9, 2020 by phone during the COVID-19 crisis due to the fact that the Administration Building is locked to the public without an appointment, all future meetings will be held this way until further notice. To participate in the meeting, you may call 641-484-3980, 641-484-6593 or 641-484-2740 to be put on speaker phone and participate.  If there is a public hearing, it will be held with Zoom.  For the Zoom information or if you have something you want to put on the agenda for consideration, please call or email the Auditor’s office:  641-484-2740 

The Tama County Board of Supervisors met at 9:30 a.m. November 9, 2020.  Present:  1st District Supervisor, Larry Vest; 2nd District Supervisor, Kendall Jordan and 3rd District Supervisor, Dan Anderson.

Motion by Vest, seconded by Jordan to approve the minutes of the November 2nd regular meeting.   All voted aye.  Motion carried

The Board met with Lyle Brehm, Tama County Engineer, to get a road projects report.

The Administration Building was open with limited access to the public last week due to COVID concerns.  It was decided that it will remain open with limited access this week and looked at again next Monday.  Staff will still be in place.  It is posted on the doors to call the office you have business with and they will try to accommodate you as best they can. 

There was discussion of three vehicles that need to be replaced.  No action taken.

Motion by Jordan, seconded by Vest to approve the claims for payment as presented.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.

Chairman Anderson adjourned the meeting at 9:40 a.m.